If you stood Jane Chase and Kit Henry together in a chorus line, you’d probably guess they were professional dancers. Wait a minute—they do end up in a chorus line, at the end of most Zumba Gold classes here at the Bond Wellness Center!

Both Jane and Kit are passionate dancers, and say they love the Zumba classes offered here.  Jane is an 18-year member of the Monadnock Mavericks, a dance team that performs at area festivals, and says that she danced as a child, doing tap and ballet classes.

The two first met here at the Wellness Center, and got to be friends after discovering they had a mutual acquaintance. Kit has been a Wellness member since its opening.

“This is a wonderful place to meet people,” Jane explains.  “I’m a retired teacher and there are a lot of them here.  That’s one thing that pulled me in.”

Jane, age 70, is retired from 18 years of teaching at the Peterborough Elementary School. Kit, who is 67, still works at SDE in Peterborough as an onsite coordinator, traveling to educational conferences across the country. Until recently, she was also a tennis coach at the tennis club in Peterborough, and often helps out other friends with catering jobs in the area.

Kit takes the Zumba classes, but also tries to get to as many yoga classes as possible. Lately she has been taking Anna Roger’s Cardio Drills & Core class, which she said is a great workout.  

“Anything aerobic is what I like,” Kit says. “I should be doing more strength work, but I don’t. That’s my weakness.”

The Latin rhythms in Zumba, and the Salsa classes offered here before that, keeps her hips loose, which is good for tennis, Kit states.  And yoga helps with her breathing, which is a big help in tennis. “It all kind of goes together,” she says.

Kit has high praise for the Wellness Center staff. Recently she had a small issue with her foot and Carrie gave her a couple of tips. “It got better,” Kit said.

Jane enrolled as a member about 9 years ago. She had attended Performance Fitness in Peterborough, and knew Joan Ahern from there. Jane’s husband, Mike, and she decided to try the Wellness Center together. At first, Jane just used the fitness machines and the routine she’d been given at the assessment.  “But my eye kept wandering into the classes in the fitness room,” she said. Soon she was taking Lynn Heckathorn’s Step Aerobics class, and then anything that was like dance. “Anything that’s dancing I just love. I don’t consider it exercise,” she said,

However, when an accident with a riding lawnmower broke several vertebrae in Jane’s back, others said her dancing days might be over. At the time, the physical therapists suggested she would not be able to dance again. “My response was, ‘Oh, yeah? Watch me.’” Jane says.

She graduated from physical therapy to the Bond Wellness fitness floor, and though she was determined, she was also really scared. Carrie and Dan Levesque were both really helpful to her,and told her which machines to use and for how long.  “Everybody here was so nice. They helped me every step of the way.”

Jane also has osteoporosis, but with the blessing of her doctor, was given the go-ahead to increase her exercise instead of taking medication. She hasn’t lost any bone mass since, and her doctor tells her to just keep doing what she’s doing.

The Wellness Center has provided Jane with many new friends, and she’s in a scrapbooking group because of that connection, as well as an ad hoc gardening group. 

“This is just such a great place to meet people,” Jane says.


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  1. joan m ahern says:

    Jane Chase is just such an inspiration – her energy & wonderful smile when she walks into the studio, you know the class is just going to be that much more fun. Kit too. I really admire these two amazing women who are not only fitness role models, but just really nice people. I am so glad they love it here at the BWC as much as I do. It really is the most amazing facillity I’ve ever been involved with – from staff to members – it’s a dream experience – warm, loving, caring, helpful, generous – like how Jean bought Emily that cute pink Zumba top from Sheilla. I just love the quality of relationships and the opportunity of relationships we get here.