As a long-time member of the Bond Wellness Center, Steve Baldwin says he attends almost as much for the social aspect as for the physical fitness aspects that come with being a member.             

“You kind of ‘check in’ with folks here, and you meet them from all different age groups,” he explains. “Everyone is really wonderful, and I feel like I’m part of a community here. It keeps me in touch with people.”

He’s not only in touch with people here, sometimes he’s “seriously competitive” with them, as he competes with fellow zealots who use the center’s Expresso stationary bikes.  Steve is a real fan of these machines because he can compete with members at fitness clubs all over the country on virtual courses. Last year he rode 1,200 miles this way. 

It’s like a video game, with your own pedaling and steering controlling the action. Members can see each other’s scores, and participate in some friendly competition to encourage each other. He and two other Wellness Center members regularly appear in the top 100 competitors in the country.

“Cycling is my life,” Steve says. He’ll use the Expresso cycle to train all winter so he can cycle outside all summer. “On rainy, miserable days you’ll see me in here, though sometimes I even ride in the rain in summer.”

He sticks to the side roads and the back roads all over the state, using his custom-made mountain bike for some off-road activity as well. He also swims a great deal in the summer.

Steve joined the Center back in 2000 when it first opened with the goal of staying healthy and physically fit for his job as a law enforcement officer.  He’s since learned to appreciate what a modern and well-equipped facility the Wellness Center’s.

Steve describes his Wellness Center routine as a “split routine”; he has some days dedicated to cardiovascular training, and others dedicated to strength training. The bikes give him the cardio workout he’s seeking. “I try to discipline myself to focus on one aspect of fitness at a time,” he said.

At this point, Steve is studying to become a personal trainer himself. He already enjoys helping fellow members, and spotting them on weight lifting when needed.

“Because of the Wellness Center,  I’ve really maintained a successful, healthy lifestyle,” Steve says. “The secret to success here is to work within your means—do what you can—and having that professional advice from the staff here. This place is the real deal.”

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