He’s in training for a marathon…a musical one!

“You have to create a space for exercise in your life and then defend it!”

That’s what Will Chapman says he’s learned since enrolling as a Wellness Center member in 2011, when he moved from Boston to Harrisville.“My work day starts when I leave the gym,” he says. “I just decided I was going to make a promise that I wouldn’t start work until I’ve done my self-care for the day.”


For Will, that means he’s at the Wellness Center nearly every day except Sunday. He’ll do weights Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and gets in 45 minutes of cardio work on the other days. Sunday is a day off.Starting right about now, however, his work schedule becomes “ridiculously intense” as the executive director of the region’s summer music festival “Monadnock Music”, which runs July 14 to August 25, with more than 19 performances. [See the complete schedule here:]

“The days get very long with our performances ending at 9:30 or 10 p.m. Then there’s the cast party or a reception, and maybe you’ll get home at midnight and you’re just wired,” he explains. “The next day it starts all over again.”

Will describes the summer music festival as his marathon, and he has to think of himself as “in training” for it year-round. Sleep, exercise and eating right become especially important he’s learned, along with meditation and prayer.

On the fitness floor, Will’s been using the elliptical trainer quite a bit, but says with good weather he prefers walking and hiking outdoors. He’ll come indoors to the Wellness Center when the weather’s rotten. He also enjoys the pre-programmed cycling routines on the Expresso Bikes. “I thought I was too clever to be tricked into competing with a machine, but I found myself getting really competitive. I was going to kick the %^^&  of that damn Avatar!”

Will discovered the Wellness Center shortly after moving to the Monadnock Region permanently back in 2011.  He took a tour of the facility and says, “I was just blown away.”

When he was a new member, he used the pool quite a bit, swimming against the resistance jets five days a week. He had been a lifelong swimmer and enjoyed those workouts, but saw that he had reached a plateau, so he began looking for another fitness routine.

Will chose to sign on with Wellness instructor Warren Sponsler as his personal trainer, and the two have been meeting once a week for about a year. “He keeps me honest,” Wills says about Warren. “He’s a great guy. He doesn’t push me beyond my limits, but he pushes me. I feel like I’m in good hands.”

Furthermore, he says with Warren he’s learned the importance of good form in strength training. “It’s like yoga or dance, and I never would have been able to manage learning that on my own.”

Will says he’s gotten over his fitness plateau and made a lot of progress. “Working with a personal trainer…that was the catalyst.  I have to do this now. This is my regimen.”

He also says he’s come to understand that “you never really graduate” when it comes to a fitness routine. “It’s a lot like piano or voice lessons,” he says. “There’s always room for improvement.”

Will enjoys recording his progress using the tracking charts provided by the Wellness Center. “It seems like I can’t feel progress day to day, but then I look back in my chart and it’s all documented. I have added weights and increased endurance, and my blood pressure has improved.”

“Once you reach late middle age, just staying in place becomes a challenge,” he says, “and I’m not content to stay in place.”

Will’s Monadnock Music Music office is just down the street at the Peterborough Library, making it incredibly easy for him to fit in his visits here.  “Besides, it’s a beautiful space here and they’ve got shaving cream, mouthwash and great towels,” he says. “It’s like a spa, with fresh fruit and coffee as well. It makes it pretty easy to come here.”


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