One should not dread vacation

I had forgotten about this phenomenon and was pleasantly surprised when it hit me:  After exercising every day for nearly an entire month—missing maybe only 1 day each week—I was getting anxious about the looming prospect of going on what would amount to a 4-week vacation. I know. That sounds kind of dumb—dreading vacation? 

[For the beginning of this fitness tale,  see A metal cube of junk? That’s me. ]

But I faced four weeks of a lot of restaurant food (hard as you might try, you just can’t eat very healthfully while dining out) and the possibility of having any kind of exercise routine thrown out the window.  Would I slack off and decide my body needed a vacation from exercising, I worried? The answer was no. 

It turned out that my body remembered its recent programming and, after too long a time of idleness, I would literally start to get a little antsy. My body was telling me it wanted to move and I wanted to obey its commands. At last, a habit that I could give in to that was good for me!

So, even in my slothful 4-week vacation, I managed to work in exercise nearly every day. Sometimes I got to do yoga, biking and walking all in one day. Once I did yoga on top of  a picnic table in the woods, confusing the squirrels. And the restaurant eating? Well, not so good—but the continued exercise helped out a bit in that regard.

What are your tricks while traveling? How do you keep exercise in your life? Use the “Comments” button just below to tell us how you cope.

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