Staff profile: Anna Cronins

After two years of unemployment, Anna Cronin decided to just go after doing what she loved-exercise. She wasn’t finding work as a history or social studies teacher, so she began the process of getting certified as a fitness instructor. Today she keeps a jam-packed schedule of providing personal trainer services to Wellness Center members and teaching several of the fitness classes offered here. Anna joined the Wellness Center as a member in October. At that time, she was in the middle of getting certified as a personal trainer and was planning to start her own small business doing that.

After completing the certification, however, the Wellness Center needed a fitness instructor and a lifeguard. Anna began those jobs in January, got her Red Cross Lifesaver certification as well as certification in general group fitness instruction. Later she got certified in kick-boxing and turbo-kick and began substituting for the kickboxing class. Now she’s added a lot of personal training clients.

“I’m pretty much always here, and love it,” Anna said. “That’s the difference between ­­having a job and having a career. Other places you look at the clock and can’t wait to be done with work. Here I do that and wish how I could stay longer or come in early, or something.”

This summer Anna’s personal training skills were offered at a discounted summer price for Wellness Center members, and she got to see a lot of long-term members trying out personal training for the first time. She also gained a few graduates from the Physical Therapy department, people who want to keep trying to improve their fitness and take it to the next level.

“I have a full range of people and never have the same day twice,” she said.

Anna is a graduate of St. Anselm’s College in Bedford, and a native of nearby Bennington. She and her husband have a four-year-old son, Noah, whom dad is in charge of over the summer months on his break as a teacher at Conval High School. The couple lives in Jaffrey.

Earlier this summer, Anna took charge of a new aquatics class on Saturday mornings called “Move and Groove,” a combination of aqua aerobics and dance moves that is a good cardio workout. She changes it up every week and has a committed core group who attend each class. Occasionally they’ll draw in somebody who was just there to do laps and they end up loving it, Anna says.

She’s inspired by the physical therapy clients she’s seen who have taken control of their own well-being. They’ve gone beyond just fixing their problems to taking charge of keeping fit. She has seen one member with a neuro-muscular disorder who has made huge advancements as he tries to maintain strength and movement. “He’s now benching 50 or 60 pounds!” Anna said.

What does she like best about working at the Wellness Center? “I couldn’t answer what is my favorite,” Anna said. “It’s like asking what’s better–Christmas, birthday, anniversaries? They’re all so different and all so wonderful! I’m so lucky to be here.”

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  1. joan says:

    Well said Anna, a very delightful interview. You continue to amaze me!

  2. Kate says:

    Saturday mornings with Anna in the pool is an experience no one should be without! Just a total joy!
    (oh dear, have I let the secret out of the bag???)